Cannabis Restore Massage

Spa & Wellness klinik på Frederiksberg

Den perfekte balance mellem krop og sjæl

->This anti-inflammatory therapeutic treatment has been designed for muscle fatigue relief, promoting calmness and overall relaxation.
->Your spa journey will begin with a meditative break with an herbal tea to calm your senses and a foot bath of Epsom and Himalayan salt, which helps you completely relax for body and soul. With scents of CBD oil, bergamot, and incense, you get an almost meditative break. 15 minute.
->90-minute treatment uses cannabis leaves extract oil (CBD oil), to offer you an ultimate relaxation from within. Followed by cannabis oil massage focusing on muscle tension areas. A warm herbal poultice with various medicinal Thai herbs, will be applied on your back while the heat and herbs will work on your back and shoulder muscles.
->This treatment is perfect for people who are challenged with insomnia or jetlag as this promotes overall relaxation and will enable you to have a deep sleep.
->Cannabis extract oil (CBD oil) is widely known for its pain relief; therefore, this treatment is also recommended for people who have any sport injury or muscle pain. The efficiency of medicinal power you will receive from this treatment make it perfect for those who desire physical and metal relaxation.
->All The One spa products and herbs used for this treatment contain only CBD (cannabidiol) which does not produce a psychoactive effect.