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Stress release support with Massage and Aromatherapy. With a mixture of plants molecules use and relaxing deep massage techniques, Sabine our Aromatherapist, can help reduce your stress level gradually. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils properties in a safe way.

Sabine is a Certified Aromatherapist with massage qualifications. She knows which essential oils to use, with the correct dosage, for massaging a person. A blend made of essential oils and a carrier oil (like grapeseed vegetable oil) is used for a relaxing massage. The essential oils then move to the body’s blood system through the skin and spread all over the body, inducing a Body and Mind relaxation. Regular relaxation massages with essential oils help to decrease greatly the stress level.

Sabine has seen beautiful results with, for instance, financial executives she was used to follow with Aromatherapy massage in Hong Kong (where she was living before). After a few massage sessions, several of her former clients were able to feel a decrease in their stress level. Allow yourself to feel better and handle your stress in an organic and gentle way with Aromatherapy massages.

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