Hormone Issues

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Den perfekte balance mellem krop og sjæl

If you are crossing mood swings episodes (related to PMS or Menopause situation), painful periods, hot flushes, etc. Essential oils molecules can support you and ease your pains.

Essential oils can help greatly women hormone’s balance area.
Sabine, our certified Aromatherapist, is trained about Essential oils properties and dosage.
According to your issue, she can make a blend composed with Essential oils and a carrier oil (a vegetable oil).
Applied on your skin, this blend will allow the essential oils molecules to pass your skin, enter your blood system and go all over your body to provide their properties where they are needed.
Make an appointment with Sabine and try Nature’s help.
Our Essential oils and Vegetable oils are all organic.

Make an appointment with Sabine and enter a Natural and Organic world of Health.