Private SPA

Spa & Wellness klinik på Frederiksberg

Den perfekte balance mellem krop og sjæl

Private Spa :  The perfect balance between body and soul.

Enjoy our private spa where tranquility will enter both mind and body with living candles, earthy melodies and a deeply relaxing atmosphere. The hole experience will defiantly bring you to peace and relaxation!

If you live like many other Danes in a Copenhagen apartment with only a shower and no tub – this will then fulfill your needs!

Pick between 30, 45 or 60 minutes to sit back and relax with four different jets that will gently give a light massage. You will also be served a plate full of fruits and sweets, a glass of rosè or a warm cup of tea.

This service is only for one or two persons. It is recommended to book a private spa before the selected massage treatment. Afterwards you will be welcome into one of our massage rooms where you will receive the treatments of your needs and desires.

Dødehavssalt Mineralbad

Epsom Salt Mineralbad

Himalaya Saltbad

Priser (inkl. forplejning)

30 min. 1 person 399 kr. | 2 personer 499 kr.

45 min. 1 person 449 kr. | 2 personer 549 kr.

60 min. 1 person 549 kr. | 2 personer 649 kr.

Perfect Harmony (Include Refreshments)

*SPA – Dead Sea and Epsom Salt Bath Soak Aromatherapy Crystals.
*BODY MASSAGE – Aromatherapy with Hot Stone Massage.
*FACE CARE – Supreme Nourishing & Hydrating Facial with Gua sha Massage

Program 120 mins  1499 kr.

Natural Reviver

*SPA – Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak Aromatherapy Crystals (Include Refreshments)
*BODY CARE – Honey Scrub Nourishing Body Scrub with Pure Honey on your back.
*MASSAGE – Aromatherapy Body Massage.
*FACE CARE – Supreme Nourishing & Hydrating Facial Treatment.

Program 150 mins  1999 kr.